Thursday, April 26, 2012


Recently I have been pondering on life and the things that it is made up of.  There are many stages involved in my life on this earth.  I see it in everything that surrounds me.  I've experienced triumph, disappointment, passionate love, friendship, fear and frustration just to name a few.  I find myself moving much faster through my life than I would like.  I see myself passing up moments that need more attention than I am willing to give. 

The words balance and perspective come to mind.  As I've watched my sister's family gain perspective and balance.   I've found myself willing to open my thoughts to what I deem as important.  I've witnessed moments shared that are without price.  The holding of a new baby by his grandparents for the first time.  Observing this precious being through their eyes.  An abundance of compassion and love for their daughter and her new child.  Watching a family band together knowing that the road ahead will be uncertain.  Fearing the outcome but still banding together for fear of losing each other on the way.  I've been touched by faith and endurance and witnessed a force of determination that would not be broken regardless of fear, pain and more suffering than one should have to endure in this life. 

I will end this post with resolve.  Resolve to look for a new perspective in my life.  To choose to see what can come from enduring to the every end. 

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